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Boutique hotel in Hrovača

Office / Author:
elastik, Mika Cimolini

Team and collaborators:
Interior design and appendix: Mika Cimolini, u.d.i.a., MArchBI.
Monumental renovation: Studio Modul and Matjaz Deu, u.d.i.a.
Landscape architecture: dr. Ana Kucan, u.d.i.k.a., Studio AKKA
Lighting design: Tine Skrlj, u. d. i. a., Arkadia

Collaborating Offices:

Hrovača, Ribnica

Year of project / completion:
2013 / 2013

Janez Škrabec

Area m2 (gross):

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:


David Lotrič

The traditional Slovenian house has been converted into a micro boutique hotel. The outside of the building is traditional, reinterpretation of that tradition was used in the interior. Elements from the landscapes have been reinterpreted into an experience for the user. Roses, woods, pastures and traditional handcrafts. The building will give more possibilities to the innovative cultural facilities of the well known Skrabec Farmhouse.

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