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Bellevue hotel Amsterdam

Office / Author:
elastik, Mika Cimolini

Team and collaborators:
Igor Kebel, Mika Cimolini, Erik Kauffman, Johan van Sprundel, Aad Krom, b.e.a.m

Martelaarsgracht 10, 1012 TP - AMSTERDAM

Year of project / completion:
2004 / 2005

Horeca Services Wandelweg BV

Area m2 (gross):

15.000.000,00 €

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:


Hans Lan

Themes from the Dutch landscape are transformed into a seamless staying experience. There are three themes: grass, sand and water that represent three major elements of the Dutch landscape. Around these themes the hotel's light shafts and rooms around them are formed into an immersive environment. Each light shaft is equipped with a particular (vertical) landscape. Each room has a corresponding, thematic, landscaped service wall.

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