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Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
City art project Slovesnka street in 2008
Project leader: Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, Janez Koželj
Project coordination: ProstoRož
The project GO1 Multiplan arhitekti
Implementation: Municipality of Ljubljana

Project team:
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Vesna Vraničar
Petra Marinšek

Slovenska cesta

Year of project / completion:
2008 / 2008

The municipality of Ljubljana

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:


Matevž Paternoster

This intervention affects the spatial sequence in the heart of the city centre, along approximately 300 metres in length. It can bi temporarily shaped into a space defined by events; an urban street carpet serving pedestrians and not, as up to now, only drivers. The emphasis is on space design that is understandable to various users on various levels of perceiving spatial information (pedestrians, cyclists, drivers). The starting point for the design scheme is the widely known zebra crossing, which ? on a mental level ? represents a symbol for crossing the road. This symbol is now used as the origin of understanding space devised so as to suit pedestrians.
Pattern orientation ? the zebra crossing is devised in the direction of pedestrian movement, right-angled to the signs.
The character of pattern design is formed/defined in accordance with connection logic and the density/frequency of pedestrians crossing the street.
The city carpet is formed by a zebra pattern, and is repeated throughout the designated area in various densities.

In terms of the temporary piazzetas, the street thus becomes also a pedestrian zone.