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Apartment P

Office / Author:
Kombinat d.o.o.

Team and collaborators:
Ana Grk, Tomaž Čeligoj, Blaž Kandus, Alenka Korenjak

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Year of project / completion:
2012 / 2012


Area m2 (gross):

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:


Klemen Ilovar

Despite its small size, this one bedroom apartment extends over two different older apartment buildings
with different storey heights. The entrance, the bathroom and the living room with a kitchen are on the upper level, from which you descend through a narrow passage to a working and sleeping room on the lower level.
Before the renovation the living area was divided in two smaller spaces and with dark wooden flooring and heavy furnishings, the whole apartment seemed even more cramped. The aim of the renovation was therefore to make bright and open spaces ? as with the renovation so with the furniture.
All walls have been painted white and the dark wooden flooring on the lower level has been coated with white varnish. All new custom made furnishing has been made of inexpensive white melamine coated MDF boards, coated only with transparent wood warnish. Because the opening in the wall connecting both levels of the apartment couldn't be enlarged, the connecting stairs have been made of the same spruce wood as the flooring on the upper level and extended with two platforms, connecting the apartment into a whole.

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