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Occupational Activity Center INCE Mengeš

Office / Author:
Jereb in Budja arhitekti

Team and collaborators:
Rok Jereb u.d.i.a., Blaž Budja u.d.i.a., Sara Zorzut u.d.i.a., Grega Smrekar u.d.i.a., Nina Majoranc u.d.i.a., Tadeja Božičnik u.d.i.a.

Mengeš, Slovenia

Year of project / completion:
2009 / 2013

Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and equal opportunities

Area m2 (gross):

3.000.000,00 €

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:


Blaž Budja

The building of the Occupational Activity Center INCE Mengeš raises the question of placing modern-day architecture in the historical scenery of rural environment.?The house located by the stream, on a distinctly elongated territory, is designed to follow village center typology and the organizational characteristics of old farm houses which are known for their separation of a public courtyard by the road and a backyard ? a private garden by the stream, while focusing on the center?s specific program of institutional care and occupational therapy.?The use of typical and traditional Slovene building elements, such as a ?gank? (a special kind of balcony), wooden components and specific roof shape, makes the building seem a bit smaller and brings it closer to the scale of nearby houses. Its dynamic two-pitched roof keeps the form within the village typology, while making the program function as a complete whole.?Under a continuous roof, the two diverse programs come together in the common room, i.e. a lounge connecting occupants and staff. The surrounding landscape is designed in softened forms and geometrical shapes which, avoiding the existing vegetation and interlacing with the edge of the site, create a subtle seam between the building and the natural scenery by the stream.