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Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
Edo Ravnikar jr.
Miha Kerin
Majda Kregar


Year of project / completion:
2004 / 2004

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:

Spatial planning


The regional railway ? underground railway within the city limits ? engineered to perform a synergic variety of functions, therefore requiring some spirited management of the building sites, is distributed along three sections:

a) Under the discontinued road (the one replaced by the tunnel) deeply enough to afford space above for spacious parking, extended, snake-like, along the void left by the vanished traffic lane, thus serving the western rim of the inner city core in the best possible way. Location is in public ownership, unobstructed by any structure above it, an ideal building site.
b) In the region north of the railway extending along it (also in public ownership, unobstructed by any structure above it, again an ideal building site).
c) Along the perimeter of the vast area around the northbound leg of the existent rail tracks. This location too is in public ownership. It too belongs to the state owned Railway.

Image 1:
Railway indentation (expres international line and regional line) and zone of relaxed public City area.


Preservation of Tivoli grounds in this town is the key to the success of any further intervention into its traffic infrastructure, although this may net be self evident to observers unacquainted with the history of past implementations of a sequence of ill-conceived proposals. The existing situation should not be accepted as irreversable, for it has happened against the natural course of an ere then harmonious developement.

The Tivolska Road, once a prominent urban feature in the life of the town,, a pretty and lush acacia boulevard and the main thoroughfare between the northern parts of the town and its south sides of better class residences, is now degraded.

Our proposed solution, the new tunnel road under the hill of Rožnik, would serve two purposes. The tunnel becomes the through traffic lane, while the restored service the variety of locations to be faund around them in this part of town.

Underground garage will bet Tivolska Road placed above denivelated regional railway. Implementing the proposed inner ring, inclusive of the proposed Tivoli tunnel and its connection to Dunajska Road, the town, upon the restitution of Tivoli grounds gets back its character and recovers a range of precioes building lots in the location of the existent Tivolska Road (a misnomer as ever there was one).

Image 2
2a - Conection of Dunajska and Celovška Road over road Bežigrad over railway and further over Frankopanska road
2b - Tunnel above Rožnik, link of Celovška Road and Večna pot with MDB square
2c - Elimination of Tivolska road betveen Delavski dom and Tobačna as well as quality build up of juncture of City center and Tivoli.

Image 3
City centre Border construction towards Tivoli with Tivoli garage beneath route of eliminated Tivolska road.


The proposed garage dug into the hillside of the Castle Hill along the south-eastern perimeter of the historic town would solve todays parking problem. The Castle Hill garage would immensely improve the now poor accessibility of the historic town core and permit the installation of modern services, storage space &c., all of which would render the historic part of the town available for implementation of attractive new programs accesible from inner ring through existing road tunnel.

Image 4:
Ground plan of tunnel castle garage with tunnel importations and exits to City core (version with barrier beside Streliška road)
Sections of tunnel garage 16,5m x 13,0m with exits to old City centre.