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Hradecki House in Ljubljana

Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
Majda Kregar
Sonja Podbreznik
Martin Ravnikar
Structural engineering: Edo Štok

Hradeckega cesta 28, Ljubljana

Year of project / completion:
2016 / 2019

A&C Nepremičnine d.o.o.

Area m2 (gross):

1.000.000,00 €

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:

Architecture / Residential buildings / Housing estates


The Hradecki House project presented a number of issues and limitations. The urban planning conditions dictated moving the building from the road towards the interior of the property and a limitation in height to a ground floor plus two additional floors, as well as a limited floorplan space for the building plot.

The Golovec hill in this area is very steep and reaches down to the road, and somewhat inclined to erosion from groundwater spring . Therefore we had to remove part of the hill and enforce the hillside with a concrete pier anchored wall, so there is a double wall towards the hill: a reinforced wall on the hillside plus the wall of the house with an air insulated space with drainage in between.

We integrated parking into the ground floor since there was no space for a car ramp on the plot. In order to create a suitable space in front of the garage level, we made the residential level overhang the ground floor garage level.

The building has six apartments with a beautiful wide view through panoramic glass balconies over the city towards the Ljubljana Castle and the Karavanke mountains. On the back facade facing the hill there are residential terraces on the second floor and terraces of the apartments on the first floor on the east and west banks.

We decided for a quality, sustainable, ventilated fasade made from Trespa Meteon panels, formed into a pleasing pleated surface ? a collage of natural tones.

The building is low-energy with individual heat pumps and meets all the technical standards for high-quality living.