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Ljubljana Castle - Hribar Hall ? Section K

Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
Majda Kregar
Miha Kerin
Edo Ravnikar jr.
Sonja Podbreznik
Smiljan Buzeti
Brane Kregar

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Year of project / completion:
2016 / 2018

City of Ljubljana

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:

Architecture / Rennovation

Janez Pukšič

The hall, situated on the first floor and in the attic of Tract K of the Ljubljana Castle, has been adapted for a simple and easy transformation between activities ? from an art gallery into a lecture hall or as needed for a more demanding event.

Adaptability to each need is made possible by movable floor podiums over the whole surface of the floorplan and by acoustic wall flaps on three sides of the hall.

The two-sided flaps ensure suitable acoustics for the given activity, while at the same time create a variously colored environment: for events and lectures, a darker brick red, while for exhbitions lighter, and in daylight, white.

The floor layout can be flat and all on one level or classically stepped as in an auditorium with a stage. This can be further modified into a middle or side stage or an individual podium, as desired.

The entire available historical space with the attic space included is maximally exploited, the numerous installations made invisible, and the materials and structure connected to the unified, completely renovated castle.