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The Ljubljana Castle ? The Circular path with a bridge on the Plečnik's columns

Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
Miha Kerin
Majda Kregar
Edo Ravnikar jr.
Smiljan Buzeti


Year of project / completion:
2007 / 2008

City of Ljubljana

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:

Architecture / Landscaping

Miha Kerin, Ambient

One of the access footpaths from the city across the hill to the castle ends as a circular path around the castle. The architect Plečnik erected masonry columns in the woods, carrying a footbridge that was burnt down during WWII. The columns were restored, and a new wood footbridge was installed over their tops. It was then continued as a bridge above the entrance to the castle subterranean service area and past the pentagonal tower to the plateau at the foot of Lipnik elevation so as to round off the circular path around the castle.