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Ljubljana Castle - Puppet Museum ? Sections E and D

Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
Miha Kerin
Majda Kregar
Edo Ravnikar jr.
Brane Kregar
Sonja Podbreznik
Equipment layout:
Ana Struna Bregar
Lenka Kavčič

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Year of project / completion:
2013 / 2014

City of Ljubljana

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:

Architecture / Rennovation

Miha Kerin

The Puppet Museum is accommodated in the attic of Sections E and D. It is arranged on two levels in conformity with the castle?s historical shell. The viewing gallery constitutes the third level above the central wall. The museum is connected with the castle courtyard by a staircase and a lift; the latter continues into the castle?s service area.

The space is defined by the wood roofing structure and the roof covering. The fundamental features of the castle?s renovation are using all the attics and exposing lathed black, grey internal roof surfaces. The concept of the exhibition is based on contrasting the dark background with the brightly lit and gaily coloured puppet exhibits. That is why the whole structure, the floor and the furnishing are black. The cast iron and stainless steel stairs and banisters are also integral elements of the overall renovation.

A portion of the roof of the older Section D, covered with Corten steel roof shingles, encroaches on the attic space of the more recent Section E with a view of presenting the castle?s phased growth, which is another renovation process tenet repeated in the adjacent Friderik?s tower (Section E).

Another characteristic of the museum arrangement is the visual transparency of the space despite the attic setting. There is a view of the Palatium and the main access stairway through the museum balcony, and the glazed bottom of the large museum showcase affords a view of the green castle environment through the defensive windows of the Estates Hall below.