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The Ljubljana Castle - Friderik?s tower ? Section E2

Office / Author:

Team and collaborators:
Miha Kerin
Majda Kregar
Edo Ravnikar jr.
Smiljan Buzeti
Brane Kregar

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Year of project / completion:
2007 / 2008

City of Ljubljana

Status (competition, project, completion) and phase:

Architecture / Rennovation

Miha Kerin

Section E2, ?Friderik?s tower?, with its rhombus-shaped ground floor, is the second original entrance tower at the northern access to Ljubljana Castle through the Bastille (Bastija) and casemate (Kazemate).

The tower was considerably overhauled and heavily damaged when the castle served as prison and housing. After the building shell had been thoroughly probed, it was restored to re-assume its earliest Gothic shape, featuring large residential windows and small defensive windows. According to the revitalisation programme, both floors of the tower are included in the complex of multi-purpose spaces and halls of the adjacent larger E and G sections.

The tower?s interior was designed in a neutral fashion so that all the original building elements stand out: the damaged wall structure was carefully rehabilitated, and the window frames and defensive slits were reconstructed. New wood beam ceilings emulate the original building concepts but are made from stable glued timber, which is painted blue on one of the floors and it is in its natural colour on the other (in keeping with the conservationist?s wish). The flooring is similar to the existing wood flooring in the adjacent halls, and always features a recessed clearance gap between the flooring and the walls.