Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik STUDIO AKKA

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Prof. Dr. Ana Kučan u.d.i.k.a. MLAUD GSD, Luka Javornik u.d.i.k.a.

The AKKA team has been driven for the quest for quality, which, we believe, is achieved by socially and environmentally responsible development of the physical context we live in. Over the past six years our work had focused on landscape and urban design, mostly for public clients. In these fields we have been pursuing design solutions without a pre-conceived idea, with a conviction that problems always differ according to space, programme and expectations. Each design creates a new story, a result of its contextual grounding. Sensitive response to this variety of tasks can help broaden our imagination and increase the well being of people. Recently AKKA extended its designs to private gardens, aspiring to respond to very personal tastes and desires. Our projects now range from town planning to parks and gardens, from playgrounds to town squares and historic renovations, regardless of scale and type of interventions.